Smart business telecom can install new, or transfer existing BT lines and reduce rental charges by at least 10%. There is no change in the quality of service as the same network engineers still carry out the same installations and maintenance. Our Tier one telecom partners supply thousands of lines across the country and so are able to handle line issues more effectively than an individual user.

Line Rental

smart business telecom can offer line rental to existing BT customers saving over 10% compared to BT. Line rentals are subject to a 12 month contract and dependant on smart business telecom providing outbound calls. The level of service will not be effected by choosing to rent lines with smart business telecom but the customer will benefit from reduced admin and can receive single monthly bills covering all their fixed line costs


All services associated with fixed lines can be provided including call divert, call forwarding, the allocation of DDI ranges and all other equivalent services provided by your existing provider.


Smart Business telecom can provide a full range of business grade adsl and sdsl (broadband) connections. Unlimited downloads with no hidden costs. A range of broadband packages are available to suit businesses of all sizes at very competitive prices. Spam and Virus filtering are provided as standard ensuring the network is secure and reliable.

Private Circuits

Smart business telecom can provide leased lines or private circuits to allow sharing of a PBX between two or more offices on a secure dedicated line. High bandwidth data links can be provided and managed for Company WAN or IP access.