smart business telecom’s partners have been providing both inbound and outbound calls since the market was deregulated in the 1990s our telecom partners are tier 1 carriers and pride themselves on dedicated customer service in order to provide a quality of service second to none.

Our partners have a proven track record of attracting and retaining customers from BT and other telecom providers. Saving costs in Business is important but keeping customers in a competitive market requires more than simply saving money.

Outbound Calls

Carrier Pre-select and Least Cost Routing allow for all outgoing calls to be routed through a much cheaper telecom provider than BT. The saving potential can be dramatic and some of our customers have saved as much as 45% on local and national calls by switching to us.

Inbound Calls

National Presence – unlike standard STD codes, the caller has no idea where the receiver is based.

(0800) and local rate (0845) numbers and smart business telecom is also able to offer National rate (0870) and National Special Services (0871) and Premium (09) numbers.


The type and style of monthly reporting can be defined by the customer to suite.

Also provided at no extra cost to smart business telecom customers with an online call management facility including call logging and call guardian where the customer can set up notification by email of any unusual calls made.


smart business telecom can provide a number of network services including booking free conferencing calling, DDI billing, TPS compliance and a range of call barring options.